Reading The Bible To The Little Man

In an ongoing, never ending attempt to be a good Dad I look for tools to help me lay a foundation and equip my boys. I thought I would share a couple of great, basic tools that have helped us in the early years when it comes to laying a scriptural foundation. We try and seize little teaching moments whenever we can, and are trying to build good habits.

When Will was three, almost four, I decided he needed to start to learn scripture cover to cover. I know that may seem a little extreme, but culture naturally teaches a worldview different from how the scripture teaches us to live. I think it is important to get started early. So how do you  read

the Bible to a preschool boy? I wanted to give my boys a good overview, but didn’t know where to start. I’ve never taught preschool, and I’d never been a Daddy. I needed something to help me teach my first born spawn some basic stories that he will pull truth from the rest of his life. I walked through book stores, searched websites, and actually came upon this little gem in a Barnes and Noble.

It’s from American Bible Society and was exactly what I needed to get me started in training up a child. It’s called the Read and Learn Bible. It contains 102 stories from both the Old and New Testament. Each story is 2-3 pages in very large font with some great illustrations for that age group.

Many nights this is what we do right before bed. It normally takes less than five minutes to read, which is perfect for little attention spans. It seems like the more consistent we are, the more they retain. I read through this a couple of times with Will until we moved him to the next level. Now, I get to read it to my little man Wesley. He’s about to finish it for the first time, and then we will start it again. You can go here to purchase it.

I hope to share a few more of these, including what I do with my oldest boy, and stuff I’ll attempt in the future. I hope these little thoughts equip some Dad out there to take just a little time every day to add value, and be the one who points your child to faith.

Everyone Belongs,