Water and Hope

I was thrilled this week to get a bunch of pictures from Chris Feilds showing some of our current work in Burkina Faso. If you don’t know I help direct a non-profit that funds efforts in one of the poorest countries in the world. Burkina Faso is a small, land-locked country in West Africa, where one of the biggest needs is water.

I have been able to visit Burkina several times since our first vision trip in 2007. We have set up a partnership with the Christian and Missionary Alliance to piggy back on some of their infrastructure, add to that, and contribute to the work that is being done. A big part of that work is in providing water wells to villages that need it. Every well is being looked over by an African Pastor.

The last couple of years I have been able to visit and get reports on our previous work and set priorities going forward. Let me just say working in West Africa is not easy. There was a big learning curve for me, and the biggest learning has been ‘Stay Flexible’. However, we want to make sure stuff is getting done. These pictures show things being carried forward. I just got them this week. They are of new and current work in progress. None of the picts show any at full completion.

Water brings life. Water brings hope. African Pastors have told us, “You never know how many people will hear the gospel because of clean water. A government leader said, “People cannot hear the gospel without clean water.”

A special thanks on this year’s wells to lots of individuals who make this happen. Thanks to Summit Church in Kernersville, NC who have been selling t-shirts to dig wells. Also, Mike Pierce and his family and Clay Methodist Church, in South Bend, IN for putting such a big emphasis on impacting this country. To all the jittery coffee drinkers at West Ridge Church, and everyone who supports this effort from there, thanks a ton!

If you would like to contribute a small amount to this effort or sponsor an entire well, you can go to http://engageburkina/donate.

There’s lots more picts. Here are a few. ~Paul









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