Same Old

So I’m sitting in a Doctor’s office waiting room while my wife has some surgery done. We have had this day circled on the calendar. We knew it was coming. We don’t do this every day. To us, today is a big deal.

A couple of minutes ago a male nurse came in. Let’s call him Gaylord just for fun! He walked into the room and the female nurse at the desk very mechanically slid some papers under his pen. He signed and slid them back and signed some more. She gave him just a glance and asked a question, “How’s it going today?” Based on the title of this post, you can guess the answer, “Same old, same old”. She actually echoed his response. That was the extent of their exchange.

There’s a little something inside of me that wants to go over and bring something to their attention. For us, today is different. You people are taking care of my wife! For Gaylord, today is the same old thing.

I experienced the same thing buying paint over the weekend. We had saved some money in advance for a home project. My wife was excited to change the colors on the wall. We have talked about colors for weeks. She has looked through magazines, we’ve had samples on the wall and considered morning light, artificial light, and evening light. For us walking into the paint store marked a small milestone. To the young guy at the counter, we are just two people a little too excited about a shade of beige.

I have worked at the same church for over 750 Sundays. I love this place. I believe in the vision and the work that is being done. And every week since we started, without fail, we have had guests. I have no idea what their circumstances might be. Some come with deep hurts, and are looking for comfort. Many have no church affiliation and haven’t been since they were kids. Very few just pull in. Most have made a plan to come before they get here. Their particular day is a big deal. And I believe they might hear a message that could change their family in an incredible way.

We have to guard against ‘Same old, same old’. Today is different for somebody, and we get the chance to be right there in the middle of someone’s unique experience. We have to give our very best because today could bring about something brand new.

Everyone belongs,


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One thought on “Same Old

  1. Paul,

    Really great post! Powerful illustration of how we get into routines in our lives and become dull to the experiences of those around us. Great reminder of how we become complacent and apathetic slowly over time and don’t even realize it.