Pray For Burkina

I’ve always liked Tuesday. It’s the 3rd day of the week. The only day God blessed twice. Now, I want to challenge you to use Tuesday in a bit of a different way.

I have always believed that prayer is more important than we can begin to understand. Truly, prayer is a great mystery. From experience I have learned that it helps shape us, humble us, and conform our thoughts to the will of God. More than that I have become convinced of a truth that I have heard from Pastors since I was a kid. I’m not sure who said it first, but “Nothing of eternal importance happens apart from prayer.”

I also believe that though God is self-suffient, He chooses to accomplish His work through people, and prayer is the beginning of any work.

Watchman Nee said it this way, “God’s people must pray before God Himself will rise up and work.” He would go on to say, “God is willing to condescend Himself to such a position of taking delight in fulfilling His will through His children.”

When I first visited Burkina Faso in 2007, Pastor Tomas of the Central Church in Ouagadougou, told me “We handicap ourselves without prayer.”

With those thoughts as a backdrop I would like to ask those of you who love Burkina, and who love to see the gospel go forward to pray for Burkina at 3:00 pm (EST) on Tuesday afternoons. Why then? Of course, you can pray any time. Just knowing that many would be emphasizing Tuesday would be great enough. At 3:00 pm Eastern the Central Church in Ouagadougou is in the midst of their weekly prayer meeting. Praying at 3pm on Tuesday will unite the voices of not only those who have been and will go, but also unite us with the Burkinabe leaders we are serving and helping to reach their own people.

Leading up to Tuesday each week our team will offer up request for themselves, for current ministry situations, for breakthrough, for the Kingdom of God to come and His will be done in Burkina Faso. We will post the prayer needs on our facebook wall at If it is too long for a wall post we will post a link back to the blog portion of our web page. While you are on facebook take the time to let our team know you are praying with and for them. It will be a tremendous encouragement.

So put this in your iCal, Google calendar, or MS Outlook, but have something give you a reminder to pray each week at this time. Knowing then you pray in unison with many other voices. Beyond that, pray every day for Burkina Faso.

Everyone Belongs,


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