Water For Christmas

As we approach the Christmas Season (can you believe that?) I want to invite you to do something that several families have done the last couple of years. I want to invite you to give the gift of water to people in the world who need it most.

In Burkina Faso 1 in 3.4 children die before the age of 10. Many of them die from water born illnesses. Since 2008 gifts that have come from Churches, Other networks, Businesses and Individuals have helped us put 115 wells in villages in Burkina Faso.

This is not just the perfect time of year to give because we are heading towards Christmas. In Burkina right now the water table is lowering and we are approaching the most opportune season for putting a well in a village.

Consider giving in any amount. We will let you know what village your gift has impacted and provide ongoing information as well.

Film maker Frank Lozano created this video last year about Burkina, with a Christmas challenge at the end. Please share it and this message with others and help us Engage Burkina.

Bringing Water To Burkina Faso This Christmas from Engage Burkina on Vimeo.

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