Reckless Apathy

heart-fence-csWhenever I hear the statement “Everyone is just one step away from a bad decision that will absolutely destroy their lives” it always makes me ask questions; Seriously? Everyone? One step away?

I know what any communicator who says this means. Most often I have heard this statement apply to making a moral mistake in the area of sexuality. The problem is I’ve never met anybody who spontaneously combusted into jumping in the sack with someone other than their spouse. I’ve also never met anyone who has come to the end of themselves in financial ruin who did all that credit damage at one time. People don’t become alcoholics after the first drink. Before anyone makes a decision to take a step across a harmful line there are the steps up to the line. By my observation, before the stumble and fall, there are a series of choices where you begin to open yourself up to being tempted in the first place. Although, I have come to believe that the most damaging choice of all is to disregard all of these thoughts, live every day as what appears to be a passive follower of Jesus, and just do nothing.

In Proverbs 4:23 Solomon says, “Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life.” Another translation says it this way, “Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.” Be diligent. Be alert. Be watchful! The worst thing you can do is nothing. There’s a lot of good emphasis in Christian culture right now on ‘Do something.’ Do an act of kindness. Do something for your neighbor. Do something for the poor. Those are all great and I completely agree, but the first thing for a follower of Jesus is to DO SOMETHING… about your heart. Every day. Every moment of every day, guard it, defend it, strengthen it, saturate it with truths from God’s word, and soak it in prayer.

To be a passive believer in Jesus and do nothing is to be as reckless as the guy who walks into the strip club. It is a reckless apathy that plagues a culture of Christ-followers who want to sit back, play nice, and wait for the sweet by and by.

This post was prompted by some thoughts I had while listening to Pastor Brian Bloye teach on guarding your heart in the ‘Simplexity’ series at West Ridge Church . To listen for yourself go here.




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