Patrick Lencioni – Global Leadership Summit


How To Lose Your Best People

A leader is a chief reminding officer. People need to be reminded more than they need to be instructed.

It’s not about getting a good job or a bad job. It’s about getting a job that creates fulfillment or misery.

Three Things That Create Job Misery

1. Anonymity

The people that we worked for don’t know us and don’t have an interest in getting to know us.

No one wants to be anonymous.

Good people don’t leave jobs where they are known.

We are called to love the people that work for us.


2. Irrelevance

If you don’t think that your job matters to some one in some way you cannot love your work.

Thank people for how they do their job and tell them how they make your life different.

Why don’t we do it? We assume they already know, but they need to be reminded constantly.


3. ‘Immeasurement

All human beings have a need in their lives to be able to assess for themselves whether or not they are successful.

A leader has to be able to give up control and allow people to assess for themselves whether or not they are doing a good job.


You cannot be a Christ-like leader without taking the time to get to know other people.

Management is a ministry.


(Everything listed above was said by Patrick Lencioni or my quick summary.)

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