Joseph Grenny

Leadership is intentional influence.

How do you create ‘Vital Behavior’?

Make and keep weekly commitments to income and savings (To help change behavior).

Sources of Influence:

Personal Motivation

The influence of the pain or pleasure of the behavior itself

Bad stuff often feels like fun with no consequences. Good stuff often feels like sacrifice

As an influencer we have to make the good stuff feel pleasurable.

Don’t just teach principles. Connect them to values.

Help people frame specific daily decisions in godly ways.


Personal Ability…

…is the influence of skill. Ability often comes before motivation.


Want more influence?

You have to help people with deliberate practice under realistic conditions.

Create periods of Intense focus

Lots of coaching and feedback.


Social influence – The influence of other people through modeling, praise, helping, and enabling.

The influence of other people can have a tremendous impact on behavior


Structural Motivation

We have to look at the incentives that create changes in behavior.

Space data, cues, tools, processes, and other environmental behaviors.

These can be used to make bad behavior harder and also good choices easier and obvious.


Notes taken from @JosephGrenny talk at 2013 Global Leadership Summit at Willow Creek Community Church

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