Baby Steps

There are moments in life when you might feel absolutely paralyzed. Where your mind is so clouded by circumstances or overwhelmed by clutter that you don’t even know where to begin. That may be you today. In fact, if your brain was well organized and you were prepared to get work done there’s no way you would be reading this. There’s a pretty simple formula for dealing with this. Here goes;

#1 – Pray.

Too many times we ignore prayer. The longer I listen to Christian leaders who really get things done, and read scripture about great leaders the more I realize that prayer is not a meaningless footnote or a glossing over. It is a necessary first step to accomplishing anything that will make a difference on this day and beyond.

#2 – Just write today’s plan.

Keep in mind this is if you are stuck and overwhelmed. This isn’t the weekly, the monthly, or the annual plan. This is just today. I can be a compulsive planner. I can plan about planning and when the day is over all I have is a plan. If you are really stuck think of it this way; when you get home at the end of the day to engage your family what accomplishment will give you the most peace. If that thing left undone is going to make you grouchy or irritable (I have experience in this), then get it done before you go home. Don’t drive angry.

#3 – Take a Baby Step

I love the Bill Murray movie “What About Bob”. It’s right up there with ‘Groundhog Day’ when it comes to true classics. Bill Murray’s character Bob suffers from multiple phobias, and at times is literally overwhelmed about even the thought of taking the right next step. Until Dr Leo Marvin gives him a ground breaking book called Baby Steps.

There are times I have been overwhelmed by grief, by financial stress, by job pressure, you name it. I bet you have too. During these times I do my best to discipline myself to stop and pray, and then God reveals He has given me today. Today, is full of God-breathed potential, and could be a day with a breakthrough or a Divine appointment.

No matter what you are faced with don’t think or look too far down the road. Just take a baby step.

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