Anything Is Possible


Octane 1I was speaking with a Ministry Leader at another Metro Atlanta Church a couple of weeks ago. This person is coming to Local Church leadership from another vocation, and in the conversation made a statement that made me want to stand up and worship right there in that coffee shop. He said, (And I’m paraphrasing) “One of the things that I love about the local church is knowing that on any given Sunday anything is possible.”

I don’t know what your knee jerk reaction is to that comment. I hope that you respond with “Of course it is!” However, I believe a lot of congregations don’t show up on Sunday with that kind of holy expectancy. Worship, volunteering, and vocational ministry can get mundane in a hurry. But with prayer and in the power of the Holy Spirit, “Anything is possible…today!”

Today could be a day of major breakthrough.

Today could be the day when a prayer is answered.

Today could be the day the prodigal returns.

Today could be the day when a life is changed.

After our Third Service yesterday I spoke to a guy who said he spent $4,000 on cocaine alone in the last week. That is in addition to his struggle with methamphetamine. Yesterday was the day he came forward to begin the journey of putting Christ in charge of his life. Alongside of him was his fiancé who has been asking him for months and months to come with her to Church. With tears in her eyes all that she could say in a barely audible whisper was, “He came today.”

Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible. (Matthew 19:26)

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2 thoughts on “Anything Is Possible

  1. I am so grateful he came, too. I will be praying for this anonymous couple as they make this journey…. and to God be the Glory! Thanks for sharing this Paul. I appreciate you!