Our Awkward Family Photo

A couple of years ago my friend Andrew Pray, myself, and our wives were online looking at ‘Awkward Family Photos‘. I told him I felt like I had one that qualified. When I showed him this photo he laughed as hard as I ever saw him laugh…and it went on for a while. I promised him that one day around the start of the Christmas Season that I would either submit this to the Awkward Family Photo web site, or just post it myself.

On this day, his birthday, and in the hopes of making others smile and laugh as hard as Andrew did, I submit to you ‘Christmas Eve 2008’. What can I say? We have a Disney Side! For the record, my wife looks amazing, my boys are handsome rascals, but I look like a Christmas Creeper. Celebrating the life of my friend, who is gone far too soon, with a wink and a smile.IMG_5330

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One thought on “Our Awkward Family Photo

  1. Dude, that pic is hilarious! I like it. I see why he laughed and chuckled for a while. Matching pj’s!! That song, ‘I’m running to your arms’ so much reminds me of him. Like it was yesterday. And you can’t forget about the orange shoes, lol. You made good on your promise, my friend. I’m sure he is proud,