Make Room

imagesA couple years ago I heard author Ray Vanderlaan do a talk about God’s instructions to Moses for creating the wilderness tabernacle. He said this (I’m summarizing), “God created the world and created man to fill it. (That obviously didn’t work out) When creating the tabernacle God said, ‘You make the space and I’ll fill it.'”

It’s an intoxicating thought. Create a space in your life that God can fill. The genesis of the thought is from Exodus 25:8 where the Lord says to Moses “Have the people of Israel build me a holy sanctuary so I can live among them.” The Spirit of God already lives in those that have put their faith in Jesus, but so many things try to entangle us and crowd that out.

The best gardens are the ones where the farmer tends to the weeds every day. Pulling them up by the roots so that they don’t take any nutrients from a healthy crop. But if you have ever had a garden you know how easy it is to allow weeds to crowd out growth. For me, inevitably, I have to spend extra time pulling out weeds because something prevented me from doing it every day as I should.

That is a little of how the season of Lent works for me. It restores healthy rhythms and creates extra space for God to search me and know me and help me see what I have been missing.

You never know how He might fill just a little extra space.

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