Ninja Night And Then Some..

I am not even playin’ when I say life is rockin’ and rollin’ right now! We are planning for Community Makeover at Engage Atlanta. At West Ridge we are starting a New Series Called Make War, getting ready for Last Saturday (April 30th), and partnering with others to try and serve families impacted by storms in the Southeast. That’s just the tip of the iceberg folks! Did I mention I’m getting up at 4AM to watch a wedding with my wife of two people I will never even meet!

Thanks to New Orleans Towing for helping the folks in that area!

I would invite you to click on all the links above and get in the game!

With all of that said you may be wondering, “Where can you find calm in the storms of life?” I have two words for you, Ninja Night!

Straight up! My kids want to be ninjas, and I think that would be cool. I don’t know anyone who can claim that their kids are ninjas. I can’t either, but we are on our way. The last Friday night of every month is Ninja Night at Breakthrough Martial Arts. This is the best Tae Kwon Do instruction on the planet. Mr Jerrod Hicks and his staff are phenomenal with kids. Our kids confidence and strength has been raised from being a part.

Ninja Night is four hours of the best childcare you will find. It is the last Friday of every month from 6:00-10:30 (April 29th this time around). It is $20 per child. They feed your kids, and plan activities for all 4 and half hours. You don’t have to be members to participate in Ninja Night.

They are incredible! My kids ask to go to this, and it gives me time with my awesome wife!

We really like these people, so I am giving them a shout out! I’ll remind you again next time around. Call them and let them know your kids are coming so that they can prepare. The number is 678-333-6949.

By the way, Jerrod teaches the Martial Arts portion of SURGE Camp. The sports and arts camp that the KidQuest Ministry does at West Ridge Church every Summer. Brent Moxey pulls together an amazing group of volunteers from our church and community to make this happen. More on that later.

Be honest. It would be really cool if your kids were ninjas.