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Begin Again

Somewhere in adulthood ‘Again’ became a bad word. It didn’t start out that way.
When you were a kid you kept watching the same movie again and again. When your Dad or freakishly strong Uncle tossed you into the air and you landed in the pool with the greatest splash ever the first word you spoke with that first gasp of air was ‘again’. The word again was filled with laughter and the anticipation of repeated joy. Then, it wasn’t.
Maybe it was homework or chores or green vegetables, but somewhere somehow the uninvited things you had to do repeatedly took the shine off of ‘again’.
Maybe it was when you tried and failed. Maybe it was when you loved and lost.
The habit you tried to form, the project you started and stopped before it was completed, the goal you gave up on have all laughed at you. Then you tried again and the guilt of stopping, quitting, missing, have once again piled on to leave you feeling powerless, purposeless, listless.
You can stay there.
You can take that next breath.
You can Begin Again.
Still Learning,